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August 7, 2014 Dave Wells

FatFractal Provides the Software To KickStart Your Idea. 

DevRev is the Community that Tells Your Story.


There are a number of barriers that prevent developers from getting going on developing apps. Frequently, this means that they need to find a backend engineer and/or a DevOps engineer to work with before they can even get started, and those resources are hard to find.

If you don’t already know, FatFractal is a company that is passionate about removing barriers that inhibit new startups from getting their ideas to market as fast as possible. By providing a public cloud platform, FatFractal helps you get your product working in record time.


The notion behind being able to build your product from just an idea and take it to market as fast as possible with the least amount of hurdles is something we strongly believe in.

Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Idea Generators are all individuals who fall in that category. Idea Generators especially will relate to that category. Lots of people have ideas, not many actually do something about it.


They simply don’t know where to start –  

“I have a great idea! but no clue on what to do with it”. The thought process of turning an idea to a product can be daunting to certain individuals, especially when it exists outside of their field of knowledge.

They’re afraid of FAILURE -

The word “failure” above is in all-caps because thats how much people get intimidated by the idea of it. A common trend you will notice among successful people is that they are never afraid to fail. Valuable lessons can be learned from failure.

They don’t like the feeling of uncertainty -

This is different than fear of failure. It’s an aversive state that generally we try to escape from. Unfortunately creativity requires uncertainty by definition, because we’re trying to do something that hasn’t been done before.



DevRev is an open, online conversation with shared stories about the problems that entrepreneurs face as well as innovative solutions that others have created to solve them. If you are, or want to be an entrepreneur, then come share your story so that others can benefit from your experience and share their experiences with you.

We believe that entrepreneurs are the engine of the future more now than ever.
We are driven by a passion to accelerate the process of getting from an idea to market success faster and better. Everything we do is intended to identify barriers that inhibit innovation and create a community to smash them.

What we have created, is an online community to research the problem areas that get in the way of creating great things, and look for ways to radically improve them.


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