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March 8, 2013 kevin nickels

FYI – get all your data in one click from FatFractal

As a developer, I want to be able to export all my data (and I mean ALL my data) with one click so that I can do whatever I want to with my data, including moving to another provider – it is MY data after all.

I was asked by @objclxt a couple of days ago if he could export his data stored in FatFractal with one click. At the time, we had always generated an export of the data for customers upon request, which is fine, but not what developers want. When someone asks for functionality that I know ought to be there, I get a bit antsy, so I decided that I had put that important piece of functionality off for too long, promised Nick a 1-day turnaround, and set about it.

Twelve hours of coding and testing, eight hours of sleep, and then another 3 hours running our release candidate smoke tests later, the good news was that it worked – and so it was deployed to production.

How it works:

From the console list of your applications, you will now see a link that says “export my data”. When you click on it, you will see an alert that tells you that your data is being exported and you will receive an email with a link to a zip file with your data.

Note: the request requires authentication/ authorization for the application as does the export link in the email, which is both ephemeral and is of course an SSL link for security purposes.

So – we export a zip that contains a number of .json files (one for each of your collections with all of the object data that they contain). The object data also contains all the references to other objects, a collection for your GrabBag references, including BackReferences, and of course we also export all of your blob data in the export.

Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!


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