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About Us


We are driven by a passion to empower developers to create amazing things. We believe that open development inspires mass innovation.

Everything we do is intended to remove barriers that inhibit free and open development. Our software is designed to work for developers, not force developers to work for it.

The FatFractal platform is a secure, developer-friendly application development platform that brings mobile development into the modern era, through automatic creation of mobile-ready APIs with powerful data query and data relation capabilities.


The Team


Kevin Nickels


Believes software developers should rule the world
Kevin has 34 years of experience starting at Tek Labs, Wyse and Sun. He has worked in many startups like NCD, RadMedia and CEO of Netmosphere which was sold in 2000. After an interim CEO role at BioPop, he worked in M&A in London until 2010 when it was time for another startup and FatFractal was born.


Gary Casey

Software Developer

Really hates boilerplate code. Gary has built globally distributed real-time trading and risk management systems, database replication engines, an open-source systems integration toolkit and been responsible for teams of 600+ people at companies including Swiss Bank, Dresdner Bank, Qwest Communications and British Telecom.


Mic Holst

Software Developer

Mic is a server engineer with 20 plus years of experience and truly enjoys the types of challenges associated with building extensible and scalable back-ends. He has worked predominantly in Silicon Valley for such companies as Netscape, TiVo, PSS Systems, LightSurf, Dialog Information Services, and AT&T.


Dina Matta

Chair & Advisor

Passionate about entrepreneurial application of new technologies for business benefit, Dina has a long track record of commercial success bringing new ideas to market. Dina founded a number of companies including Seavantage/Shipserv.and spent some years helping complex organizations like UBS and BT embrace disruptive innovation.


Dave Wells

Software Developer “The Doctor”

Dave has been a programmer most of his life, but took a detour to get a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Illinois. Programming was never far away, though, as a major part of his dissertation involved writing molecular dynamics simulation software. Dave also wrote an iOS app called StormTrak.


Vanessa Schott

Head of super-secret projects

She is a Co-Founder of her own company – Spotjournal, sits on 2 advisory boards for the Lifeboat Foundation and is active in launching a developer focused community, DevRev. Her favorite quote is “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein


Faisal Hakeem

Developer Evangelist

Faisal comes from the rising embryonic startup scene in the Middle East. By helping passionate people incubate their ideas into small businesses, he aims to break the barriers of political instability in the region with the power of entrepreneurship and freethinking. Faisal describes himself as being “Diagonally Parked In a Parallel Universe”.


Yasmin Bentley


Yasmin is currently a student at Maastricht University. She studies Liberal Arts and Sciences focusing on Science, Business and Economics and aims on completing her education with a masters in Technological Entrepreneurship. She enjoys challenges and is working to gain experience in an exciting and developing market.


Scott Swift

Business Development

Fifteen year technology veteran focused on new business development. An activator & startup specialist; hyper focused on getting emerging technology to market faster, with reduced risk and lower costs. Connector and channel builder across carriers, device OEM’s, global SI’s and tech firms.

 Record of success bringing new products and services into the carrier channel, building new revenue streams and creating value.



San Francisco




The Hague



Tom Klenke, Lead Developer
HighlandAdventures.com & MachuPichu.com
Having set up and managed Linux and Windows servers for small but dynamic websites, I was seeking a much simpler solution. Engine Yard, Heroku and Elastic Bean Stalk have more minuses for me than pluses. Ruby on Rails on FatFractal is just what I was seeking. Desktop and cloud code is the same, fast response times, JRuby scalability, MySQL database and one command deployment.
Cory Wiles, Developer & Blogger
After years of having to roll my backend service & working with existing Baas / PaaS companies I had yet to find the balance between security, scalability and flexibility with ease of use and customizations. With FatFractal I haven’t once felt limited by their service and features. In fact the speed, efficiency & additional features I’m able to provide have increased exponentially with my apps.
Ana Everett, MPA, PhD-C & CEO
eChurchgive LLC
As a company, the first app we ever developed was developed in the FatFractal environment. We were able to develop the “GivingOnTheGo” app at a fraction of the cost estimated in other environments. As a result of the robust backend provided by FatFractal we have shaved our development schedule by 40% and was able to bring our product to market ahead of schedule.