FatFractal Tutorial

Create an App on the FatFractal Platform

Developing on a new platform can be challenging. In fact, that’s why we launched FatFractal. Building your mobile app together with your app’s powerful backend is easier than ever before. But like you, we believe the proof is in the pudding: it’s one thing to create little “hello world” tests and quite another to build an entire app.

You can get up and running on the FatFractal Platform in minutes, writing to your app’s backend without a line of server-side code. And you should try it. Check out Install & Get Started to download the FatFractal Engine and scaffold up an app and check out My First App for iOS or My First App for Android to see how amazing it can be.

The purpose of this tutorial is deeper. We wanted to take you through every aspect of our platform from the point of view of an iOS or Android developer. Even there, we try to walk step-by-step through the process in the IDE (Xcode or Eclipse) and using native APIs too. If you haven’t done a lot of coding for iPhone or Android devices, you can learn a little bit about that as well. Side benefit.

The tutorial steps you through the creation of a mobile app (in iPhone and Android flavors) we’ve called Hoodyoodoo, from start to finish, to illustrate some of the capabilities of the FatFractal Platform.

The source code for this app can be downloaded: the whole app is divided into five, compilable chunks that can be run independently, in case you want to tackle the sections in order. If you want to just look through the final, complete application, you can do that as well. Download the complete tutorial files for Login to view. or Login to view..

The app itself is, conceptually, a simple game. The end-user is presented with two, random pictures of celebrities (or whomever) and selects the one the end-user would, um, “do;” naturally, we mean “do dinner with.” Although the game is played by one individual at a time, per phone, it is really a multi-user experience because the app’s backend keeps track of everyone playing the game, tallying who’s chosen in each case and maintaining a bunch of stats. We think you will be pleasantly amazed at how quickly you can build the app, from start to finish, without ever dealing with the frustrating “backend nonsense.”

Tutorial Objectives and Content Outline