Our Pricing

During our public beta, use FatFractal for free

Use our platform, up to the Silver Tier, for free during our public beta. If you need more capability, please contact us.

Proposed Pricing Model

It’s important to know what a company will charge for its services, even when it’s still in beta. That’s why we are providing our proposed pricing for your review and input. Very shortly, we will also give you a “usage spot-check” so you can see what your actual usage might cost under our proposed pricing. That way, you can compare your actual usage with other solutions.

What’s important to us about our pricing model:

  • It must be straightforward, fair and transparent.
  • It must be competitive.
  • It must be predictable.

Proposed: Monthly Tiered Plans
DOMAINS 1 10 100 unlimited unlimited
API REQUESTS 100K +($0.0005) 1M +($0.0004) 3M + ($0.0003) 12M +($0.0002) 25M +($0.00015)
STORAGE 1GB +($0.2/GB) 2GB +($0.2/GB) 5GB +($0.15/GB) 15GB +($0.15/GB) 30GB + ($0.15/GB)
BANDWIDTH (outgoing) 100MB +($0.2/GB) 1GB +($0.2/GB) 3GB +($0.15/GB) 12GB +($0.15/GB) 25GB +($0.15/GB)
BANDWIDTH (incoming) unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited

Let us know what you think of our proposed pricing by emailing us: info (at) fatfractal (dot) com

Our Assumptions
  • An API request is an interaction with our servers from any of our SDKs and/or HTTP(S) requests.
  • Overages on API requests are charged per additional API request.
  • Storage is calculated based on average daily usage in a month (proportionate for a partial month).
  • Quotas are calculated per account based on all domains and applications owned by that account.
  • We may need to add “Compute” to the tiers. This is under review now.
  • If we are legally required to collect taxes, we will pass on those costs to you.

Reasonable Usage Guidelines

We intend to be flexible and supportive of your needs during our public beta with our offer of free usage of the platform over that period. If you exceed the silver tier described here, we may contact you about your usage. See our Terms of Use for more information.