Having set up and managed Linux and Windows servers for small but dynamic websites, I was seeking a much simpler solution. Engine Yard, Heroku and Elastic Bean Stalk have more minuses for me than pluses. Ruby on Rails on FatFractal is just what I was seeking. Desktop and cloud code is the same, fast response times, JRuby scalability, MySQL database and one command deployment … without having to maintain any more code (e.g. Capistrano.) Good stuFF!Tom Klenke, Lead Developer, HighlandAdventures.com and MachuPichu.com
After years of having to roll my backend service and working with existing Baas/PaaS companies I had yet to find the balance between security, scalability and flexibility with ease of use and customizations. With FatFractal I haven't once felt limited by their service and features…in fact the speed, efficiency and additional features I'm able to provide have increased exponentially with my apps. FatFractal is the next evolution of app development platforms. Cory Wiles, developer and blogger, blog.corywiles.com
Creating a cloud-based application requires a solid backend system with a well-thought API for the client side development. Creating such a system normally requires significant development time and very-skilled developers. It is amazing that with FatFractal, one can develop a professional grade cloud application with almost zero development time for the backend side. FatFractal provides all the necessary mechanisms for creating a great application with a solid backend system. It supports bi-directional relationships, a must for any serious applications; versioning and other useful meta-data; pre-operation, post-operation and timer-based user modules on the server side allowing one to add server-side business rules; a powerful and extensible schema system; a flexible permissions model allowing easy control of who can access what; a powerful query language; and a lot of other cool features making the developers life real easy. On top of all that, the folks at FatFractal are a pleasure to deal with, providing answers and solutions in the quickest possible way. I would not hesitate to recommend FatFractal to any development team looking to create a rock solid cloud application with minimal effort.Lead developer – Cloud Application Development at undisclosed startup
As a company, the first app we ever developed was developed in the FatFractal environment. We were able to develop the “GivingOnTheGo” app at a fraction of the cost estimated in other environments. As a result of the robust backend provided by FatFractal we have shaved our development schedule by 40% and was able to bring our product to market ahead of schedule. Because our app processes “mobile money” transactions and facilitates monetary exchanges, it requires a highly secure, stable, and responsive environment. The traditional business model would be to totally reliant on the credit-card companies for accuracy and integrity of all transactions including the backend reporting. But by using the tools provided by FatFractal, we were able to build a “card not present” credit card processing infrastructure that provides a mobile interface to support scalable giving models for faith-based organizations, schools, government, and other non-profit sector groups. All the while supporting a variety of mobile devices and multiple browsers. This created a sense of independence knowing that because of FatFractal we possessed a system where we aren’t held prisoner to any one credit card processor. As an added bonus, FatFractal has been very responsive and have been able to provide support with their development experience in all areas of our application development even providing guidance in architectural design, security, and user interface. Hands down we choose FatFractal for development and recommend them to any cost conscious development team. Their team has been like more of a partner than a service provider. Ana Everett, MPA, PhD-Cand, CEO, eChurchgive, LLC

Mobile Apps Among the Mountains, Clouds and Stars of the 2012 Telluride Film Festival

Every year more than 6,000 movie makers, stars and fans gather in the small town of Telluride, Colorado to celebrate films making their first appearance in North America at the Telluride Film Festival, often just called The Show. Unlike other festivals, what’s showing and who’s coming to The Show is top-­‐secret until the day before it starts: people who come are hardcore indie fans. Of course it doesn’t hurt that films that debuted at Telluride, often go on to compete for, and often garner, Oscars like “Lost in Translation (2003),” “Brokeback Mountain (2005),” “Slumdog Millionaire (2008),” “Juno (2007),” “Up in the Air (2009),” “The King’s Speech (2010),” and “The Artist (2011).”

Ben Affleck, director and actor of “Argo,” discusses his film’s “Sneak Peak” debut at Telluride the Telluride Film Festival in September 2012. “Argo” is the true story of a CIA operation to save six Americans during the 1979 Iran Hostage crisis while ostensibly filming a Canadian Sci-­‐Fi flick in the country. (credit: Lisa Wilson © 2012)

Ben Affleck, director and actor of “Argo,” discusses his film’s “Sneak Peak” debut at Telluride the Telluride Film Festival in September 2012. “Argo” is the true story of a CIA operation to save six Americans during the 1979 Iran Hostage crisis while ostensibly filming a Canadian Sci-­‐Fi flick in the country. (credit: Lisa Wilson © 2012)

Peter Nies, UX guru for mobile and web apps, approached FatFractal with a straightforward pitch: “My favorite film festival in the world needs an app to showcase the movies, help people with scheduling, introduce sneak peaks and give real time info on how many people queued up for the theaters. We need iOS native, Android native and a Web app to support desktop browsers and other mobile phones. Oh yeah, we to deliver them all in just a few weeks.” http://telluridefilmfestival.org/mobile

The mobile and web apps for the festival were created on the FatFractal platform which let the programmers build native mobile apps without having to configure or manage a backend. In just a couple of weeks, the team had the UI implemented and all three apps up and running on an instant backend with datastore, custom code and events. Even traditionally hard-­‐to-­‐implement features like “push,” were quick and easy to implement on the backend using JavaScript.

Telluride App built using FatFractal.

“We were able to tell people about the sneak previews coming up by ‘pushing’ the information directly to mobile phones in real time,” Nies said. “Another piece of backend magic also turned out to be easy with FatFractal. A data service already existed on salesforce.com that showed how many people were waiting in line at each theater. FatFractal integrated that existing service with the Festival apps’ backend so that filmgoers could see in real time how many people were already queued up for the movie they wanted to watch. No sense waiting in line if you won’t get in.”

On average, the datastore serving the mobile and web apps was visited by 4,000 people per day. The split between mobile phones was 90% iPhone and 10% Android, mostly due to the iPhones popularity in the entertainment industry. The number of “page views: hit a high on the third day of about 217,000 as people checked out movies they wanted to see, whether they’d make it in the theater and looked over last minute “Sneak Peaks” and schedule changes.

“We always ask festival-­goers to turn off their mobile phones during films and other Telluride events,” said Julie Huntsinger, Executive Director of the Telluride Film Festival. “But outside on the sidewalks, in cafes, walking around the town, people were using the mobile apps for The Show a lot. We are so pleased that FatFractal’s technology let us get these apps to our film fans in record time.”