Gary Casey – software developer. He’s built globally distributed real-time trading and risk management systems, database replication engines, open-source systems integration tools ( and plenty of other stuff, created many a services-oriented architecture and been responsible for critical systems at companies like Swiss Bank Corporation, Qwest Communications and British Telecom. He hates writing boilerplate code and takes great joy in reducing x lines of code to x/10 lines of code, wherever feasible.

Mic Holst – software developer. He is a server engineer with 20 plus years of experience and truly enjoys the types of challenges associated with building extensible and scalable back-ends. He has worked predominantly in Silicon Valley for such companies as Netscape, TiVo, PSS Systems, LightSurf, Dialog Information Services, and AT&T.

Dina Matta has a long track record of commercial success bringing new ideas to market. Known for her entrepreneurial application of technology for business benefit, Dina founded a number of companies including  Seavantage/Shipserv. Dina also spent some years helping complex organizations embrace disruptive innovation, including UBS, Midland Bank and British Telecom. Dina rounds our her background with experience in financial acquisitions, mergers and disposals with transactions such as Warburg, Northbridge, Swiss Life, and Shipserv. On her days off, she spends time with the family and their wonderful horses.

Kevin Nickels - president & ceo and whenever possible, software developer. Kevin has over 30 years experience in high technology, and has worked in startups since 1989. As CEO of Netmosphere, he was a pioneer in web based, service oriented collaboration technologies until the successful sale of the firm in 2000. After a couple of interim CEO roles in the US, he moved to London and worked in M&A for several years, but was repeatedly called upon to work with enterprises on strategies for Cloud Computing. Upon his return, Kevin decided to build the vision that he had been espousing and started FatFractal in January 2010.

Dave Wells – software developer. Dave has been a programmer most of his life, but took a detour to get a PhD in physics from the University of Illinois. Programming was never far away, though, as a major part of his dissertation involved writing molecular dynamics simulation software. Dave also wrote an iOS app called StormTrak.


After working out of the garage for a spell, we approached some experienced angel investors who provided us with seed capital. And wise counsel. We appreciate both.