Our Platform

We wondered, “why is it so difficult for developers, like us, to find a platform that makes it easy to create compelling apps with a cloud backend?”

We could not find an end-to-end solution with everything we needed: native code support for any connected device, an events model, declarative security, custom code and all of those things integrated as lightweight services. Everything had to be elegant, easy-to-use, intuitive and delightful. The underlying platform needed to be engine-based for dynamic scaling, to support any infrastructures,  to have a published services model and to be able to support any languages, backend and frontend. We liked developing on local machines and insisted on deploying to the cloud without reconfiguration. And we wanted it all to be boilerplate free and reasonably priced.

Since we couldn’t find it, we built it.

Our Name

When we named the company FatFractal, we had in mind the intersection of the exploding mobile apps space, our technology platform and the cloud. The heart of our platform is a small, simple engine. Since all applications, modules, components and services on the platform have FatFractal engines at their core, some techie-types might call the resulting topology a fabric.

The metaphor we like best is the fractal: the engines at the heart of services are self-similar, components that replicate and scale in a fractal-like pattern. As the fabric expands, emergent properties of the system can be both surprising and compelling. As apps, services, components, threads and IaaS’s are added in, that fractal-like fabric scales fast, getting as vast–or as compact–as it needs. We continue to believe that the cloud is more like a fractal than a…um…cloud.
Hence, the name:

Besides, we’re just a big, ol’, bunch of geeks. We like the math. We like the hooks into nature and chaos theory. And we aren’t hip enough to call the company, “Phat Phractal.”

Our Location

The FatFractal team is located throughout the world: when you find great people, you sign them up, wherever they are. We are in San Francisco and London, Chicago and Boston, Scotland and Baltimore.

That means we are at conferences, user groups and hackathons around the world, all the time. Look for FatFractal everywhere you are.